Our Programmes

  • Toddlers – 1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs
  • M1 (nursery) – 2.5 yrs to 3.5 yrs
  • M2 -(LKG) – 3.5 yrs to 4.5
  • M3 -(UKG) – 4.5 y rs to 6 yrs
  • MIP (Multiplying Intelligence Programme) birth to 6 yrs
  • Daycare facilities (1 yr and above from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.)
  • Drawing classes
  • Art and craft classes
  • Vocal music ( Carnatic )
  • Classical dance
  • Abacus
  • Karate
  • Tuition

Toddlers Programme

The sensitive period of the child’s life has many physical and emotional needs, that can be met in a uniquely prepared for toddler environment. The furniture is customized to allow for maximum independence. The material in the room continue to change as the child grows emotionally, physically and intellectually The child is not served, but rather is allowed and encouraged to be a functioning member of the community. This leads him or her to a feeling of pride and dignity.

A qualified montessori teacher directs each class. The professional staff offers the tenderness, warmth and patience so essential to this age. An emphasis on the importance of a peaceful environment, with necessary nurturing and caring in characteristic of the programme.

Primary Programme

The primary programme is a multi age three year cycle that includes children aged 3 years through 6 years, This is the period children experience an academically enriched environment within a well-ordered social community.

The presence of these two factors is based on the principle that children absorb their environment, language and culture in a way that is unique to this age. This class room is designed to foster independence concentration, self motivation and love of learning.

Another feature of the primary is that the materials are accessible to the children, They are free to choose the activities appropriate to their level and progress and development at their own pace. Children who are five years of age are prepared for more sequential work in language, maths, geography, and the science which necessitate longer blocks of time.