Nakshatra Montessori
  • Programmes in Nakshatra Montessori
  • Programmes in Nakshatra Montessori
  • Programmes in Nakshatra Montessori
  • Programmes in Nakshatra Montessori
  • Nakshatra 1

    19.03.2011 - Starting annual day celebrations..
  • Nakshatra 2

    19.03.2011 - Performance of students Nakshatra Montessori..
  • Nakshatra3

    28.07.2011 - Practice to follow traffic rules..
  • Nakshatra 4

    15.08.2011 - Independenceday celebration - students dressed in patriots..

     Montessori children become increasingly independent and responsible in action and thought. They carry out orginal research of all kinds and love learning, experimenting and undertaking challenging work. When they move out into society, they are thoughtful and responsible citizens. They develop such excellent study habits that they far surpass the level of the curriculum and programmes of traditional schools.

     NAKSHATRA MONTESSORI HOUSE Environment meets all of the needs of the children. Our activities help them to become physically healthy, mentally and psychologically fulfilled, disciplined, extremely well-educated and brimming over with joy and thoughtfullness.

Upcoming Events:

Theme:Means of Transport, Sinking,
Event: Ethnic Day.
Programme:Model of sinking / floating.
G.K: Animals, Young animals and homes.

Theme:My Family, Water Animals.
Event: World Water Day
Programme:Model of Aqua World
G.K: Good Manners, People who help us.

Theme:Seasons, Earth, Sky
Event: Healthy Diet (Parents Competition)
Programme:Earth / Sky
G.K: Transport, Places.

Theme:Good Habits
Event: Fancy Dress
Programme:Good Habits.
G.K: Birds, Opposites, Flowers.


Montessori School in hsr layout, Bangalore


About The Directress

Rani Gokul is a post graduate in English and has done montessori training in IMI and has worked with children for more than 10 years in reputed montessori house of children in different states like Karnataka and Andrapradesh and also worked as administrator in school of Hydrabad

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Programmes in Nakshatra montessori.

Toddlers -- 1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs
M1 (nursery)- 2.5 yrs to 3.5 yrsM2 -(LKG) 3.5 yrs to 4.5M3 -(UKG) - 4.5yrs to 6 yrs MIP(Multiplying Intelligence Programme) birth to 6 years of age. Daycare facilities (Age 1 yr to 8 yrs from 8am to 8 pm. Drawing classes
Art and craft classes Vocal music (Carnatic)

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Activities help the child to increace his concentration and attention to a task. and make the child independent. Learning social grace, what to say and when, helps the child to learn to be a part of everyday society.

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